Meet Your Fishers

Fishing is a way of life for the Kershaw and Takasaki families, and it always has been. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality seafood with excellent service. Prawns, herring and salmon are the name of the game.

Paul Kershaw

Paul has been commercial fishing on the West Coast of B.C. for 46 years. From a young age, Paul knew he would be a fisherman for life. He started his fishing career as a 14-year-old deckhand on his brother-in-law Ted Takasaki’s boat, and purchased his first boat at age 21. The rest is history.

Troy Takasaki

Troy started fishing for salmon when he was 13, as a deckhand with his uncle (Paul). When he was 18, he started branching out to fish for herring, prawns and crab. 30 years later, Troy is proudly still a 5th generation fisherman.

  • 1866 – Great, great grandfather Kotaro Takasaki starts fishing
  • 1904 – Great grandfather Kosuke Takasaki starts fishing 
  • 1930’s – Grandfather Roy Takasaki starts fishing
  • 1950’s – Dad Ted Takasaki starts fishing 

It’s a family affair.

Although Ted has since retired, Troy and Paul still work together full-time along with family and friends, operating the Jet Lag, Jet Set and Quick Change boats.

Paul and his wife Lynette are joined by their son Neil full-time, as well as their daughter Katie and her partner Kyle on a part-time basis.

Troy and his wife Laura are joined by their daughters Hailey and Tayah part-time.

Stay in touch – Prawning starts June 2020

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